Quickbooks - Invoices, Receive Payments, Deposits


To record deposits (income) into QuickBooks you must either invoice a customer or enter a sales receipt.

o Are used when a client’s request an invoice prior to payment is made
o If the client is not going to pay at the time the service is completed, the invoice will

show as due until a payment is received against it
o Invoices can be emailed, mailed, or hand carried to the client. o Most businesses require an invoice for payment.

To Enter a Invoice
o From the Home screen click on Create Invoice
o Enter Customer Name (type in last name or choose from the drop down box), tab to

date field
o Enter the date the work was done, tab to next field
o Enter the type of work done (choose from the drip down box), tab to the next field
o Enter the amount of the charge, tab
o If the invoice is going to be emailed to the customer (be sure the email address is

entered in the customer information) check on the “To be emailed” box.
o Click “Save and New” if you need to enter more invoices or “Save and Close” if you are

done entering invoices.

Receive a payment against an invoice
o From the home screen (flowchart), at the section for Customers, click on the icon

Receive Payments. Enter the customer’s name and tab key. This will bring up all the outstanding invoices for this particular customer. Enter the date of payment, amount, and check number if paying by check. (Credit card payments will cover later). Check the invoice that you want to apply the payment to (hover your mouse over the column with the check mark, click on the line of the invoice you want to pay). If there are several outstanding invoices apply the payment to the oldest invoice.

o Click on Save & Close if you are done entering payments; lick on Save & New if you have more payment to enter to enter.

Credit Card payments
o Do not enter a check number and choose which credit card they are paying by found in

the Payment Method drop down box.
o Enter the type of work done (choose from the drip down box), tab to the next field
o Enter the amount of the charge, tab
o Be sure the box is checked “Process XX Card payment when saving”
o When you click on “Save & New” or “Save & Close” this will open the Intuit Merchant

o In the Merchant Service Center, click on the tab “Process Transactions” and fill out the

customer screen, click on “Process Payment”.


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